Autumn ’17

Stories from autumn 2017

“Nature is amazing I see it almost everyday when I go out or just in my garden it means a lot to me esspecialy, the hony it comes from bees wich is pure nature so what if we didn’t have hony. So all those nature trips what if they weren’t there? So that would make me very sad so we better look after nature right nature means a lot to me even if your a nature person dont harm it.”
~ Primary school student from Oxford, UK


2“The green of the countryside is my life!”

~ Farmer from Rovigo, Veneto, Italy


3“Nature is a place where I find my peace from people and crowds. I love the sound of the water and the wind in the woods.”

~Engineer from Karlsruhe, Germany


4“Nature is hope to me. I like the silence of the desert and getting lost in the forest.”

~Conservationist from Karaj, Iran


5“Nature, I know myself as a part of you. I am happy when you are happy.”

~ Office executive from Tehran, Iran



~Travel agent from Iran



~Accountant from China



~Ecology master’s student from Bordeaux, France


9“Peace, breathing, silence, space, strength”

~English teacher from Zürich, Switzerland


10“Into the wild”

~Computer Science PhD student from Munich, Germany


11“Relaxation & Inner Peace”

~Software developer from London, UK


DSC03221“Our home, our food, our medicines”

~Plant ecologist from Oxford, UK


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