This page provides more information on the human-nature relationship, with a variety of videos, news items and research articles.


A TEDxHackney talk by Nixiwaka Yawanawa an indigenous Amazonian, who explains his connection to nature.


A TEDxTaipei talk by Tom Chi about how everything is connected.


Embracing Nature, a film by Nature Workshop, an organisation providing environmental education to young people in the UK.



1. The Nature Deficit Disorder and How it is Impacting our Natural World—An Interview with Dr. Michael Hutchins (National Geographic, 14th December 2012)

2. What Happens When We Reconnect with Nature (Greater Good Magazine, 1st March 2017)

3. Assessing nature’s contributions to people (Science Magazine, 19th January 2018)

4. How can we communicate all that nature does for us? (The Conservation, 27th April 2018)

5. Kids: Connection to nature lessens distress, hyperactivity and behavioral problems (Science Daily, 11th January 2019)


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