Winter ’17/18

Winter 2017/2018

38_Biologist_PHD“Nature is: A landscape the most beautiful I have ever seen. Most lovely people I have ever met. The most fantastic animals I have encountered. Everything that matters. Myself and the entire world!”

~Biology PhD student from Pelotas, Brazil


39_Monkey_PHD“Nature is life”

~PhD student studying monkeys from Barcelona, Spain


40_orchid_man“My heart beats green” 

~PhD student studying orchids from Fusagasugá, Colombia


IMG_20180220_193304_978“Perspective – mirror on life”

~Publisher from Bicester, Oxfordhsire, UK


IMG_20180219_180333_036.jpg“Calm, serenity, warmth”

~Actor from Bampton, Oxfordshire, UK


33_Political_sci.JPG“Birds = joy, green = life, old trees = architecture, walking = rhythm”

~Political scientist from Connecticut, USA


IMG_20180215_172720_617“Everlasting, everchanging, mystery that makes me curious and brings me joy!”

~PhD student from Kent, UK


30_business_analyst“To respect and protect”

~Business analyst from Reading, UK


IMG_20180212_171348_012.jpg“Getaway in the Dutch dunes near my hometown. It does feel a lot more like home than every house I’ve ever lived in.”

~Flight attendant from Haarlem, Netherlands


IMG_20180209_173247_156.jpg“A robin in spring”

~Film producer from London, UK


IMG_20180208_171845_170“Nature is: Life portal to source. Inner revelation to macrocosmo origins”

~Coffee shop assistant from Portugal


IMG_20180207_175109_969.jpg“What gives us life”

~Ecologist and engineer from California, USA


25_Student.JPG“Nature is the connection between humans and the Earth”

~Student from Basingstoke, UK


IMG_20180202_172639_460.jpg“Nature is inspiration” 

~Entertainer and meditation teacher from Radley (Oxfordshire) UK


23“Nature means home. It gives me strength, time, space to rest, to feel, and slow down when I can.”

~Lecturer, solicitor, mum and learner from Russia


22“Somewhere to chill out”

~Nursery assistant from Wheatley (Oxfordshire), UK


21“It brings tranquility and therapy”

~Writer from Zimbabwe


20“God’s artwork :-)”

~Theology student from Singapore


19“Nature is autumn, nature is winter, nature is spring, nature is summer, season after season. . .”

~Editor from Oxford, UK



~Sociologist from Athens, Greece


17“Nature connects all people and makes me feel light-hearted and content. I hope it lasts!”

~Trainee Speech and Language Therapist from Newcastle, UK


16“Peace, being in touch with the seasons, and appreciation of what is around me.”

~PhD student from Oxford, UK


13“Nature for me is the world that surrounds me, my friends, I call you to take care and to keep nature safe. Remember your children and grandchildren will be living here.”

~Teacher from Dushanbe, Tajikistan


14“Nature is Allah’s creation and it’s our duty to keep it safe. Nature is peace, relaxation, flowers, trees, beauty, love, life!”

~Editor from Oxford, UK


15“Peace, mountains, river, contentment, happiness”

~Finance professional from Dushanbe, Tajikistan


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