The Human Nature Stories name

What’s the meaning behind the name?

The name of the project Human Nature Stories is designed to be ambiguous and a play on words. Human nature, in the traditional sense of the phrase refers to the thoughts, feelings and behaviour shared by all of humankind. But here it refers to our accounts of the human-nature relationship.


Human Nature Stories logo

What’s the message behind the Human Nature Stories Logo?


The yellow circle represents the Sun, the driver of all life on Earth.

The four coloured brackets represent the four corners of the white board that people write their account of their views of nature.

  • Green represents plants, animals and all the living things
  • Black signifies the human-built environment
  • Blue represents the oceans, rivers and lakes (after all we are a blue planet)
  • Red represents us, all the 7.5 billion people on our planet.


The whiteboard

Why capture people’s nature stories on a whiteboard?


A whiteboard is like a blank canvas, allowing people to freely express their view of nature. The whiteboard is passed from person to person, around the world, and with each new account forming a new page in the Human Nature Stories…


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