Spring ’18

Stories from Spring 2018


“The life of a human being”

~Retired shoemaker from Rovigo, Veneto, Italy.



~Univeristy student and fast food worker from Rovigo, Veneto, Italy.


34008621_211996146195753_3929787379535052800_n(1)“Resource to save :-)”

~Univeristy student from Rovigo, Veneto, Italy


IMG_20180604_174154_251“An incredibly complex system that we are only beginning to understand”

~Geologist from Berkeley, Northern California, USA


IMG_20180601_182247_160~Student studying politics and international relations from Trinidad and Tobago


IMG_20180531_210654_086“Scary, beautiful, massive! It respects us more than we it…”

~Student from Bristol, UK


IMG_20180530_165444_444“Home :)”

~Student studying Spanish and business from Brighton, UK



~Student from Madrid, Spain


IMG_20180528_193247_619“The original source”

~Student studying maths and Spanish from West London, UK



IMG_20180525_181352_523“She will protect you, if you protect her ❤”

~Student from Reading, Berkshire, UK


IMG_20180524_175719_365“Home, bigger perspective, something we share space with, not separate from, awe-inspiring.”

~Ecology student from Essex, UK


IMG_20180521_162203_480“Complex biological systems.➡nature➡basic values of people.”

~General Assistant from Surrey, England


31449128_384835922032319_7227267388830384128_n“I am nature, aren’t we all?”

~Policy advisor from Washington DC, USA



~Marine geneticist from France


31890485_170022563684506_355592565912764416_n“If you think of a happy life, I am sure that nature is part of it. (Whatever that means to you?)”

~Data analyst from Madrid, Spain


31711518_102940177240073_7465674142893735936_n“Great for my mental health”

~Project officer from Somerset, UK



IMG_20180511_194330_212“Precious! Treasure it!”

~Tropical Ecologist from Wales/France


IMG_20180510_170147_297“Fascination! Questions! Answers?”

~PhD student studying the effects of land use change and climate change from Lyon, France


IMG_20180509_192705_427“My lack of milkshake brings all the boys to the yard: small galls equals many males”

~PhD student studying invasive gall wasps from England


IMG_20180508_192939_073“Nature: our past, our present, our future”

~ PhD student studying snakes from York, UK


57_ecologist“Beauty, opportunity, life & death”

~Ecologist from South East England


56_homemaker“Nature = life”

~Homemaker from Libya/UK


55_student“Nature is a mystery”

~Student from UK/Iraq


54_student“Nature is a source of life”

~Student from UK/Iraq


IMG_20180430_162133_798“Nature is the secret to a beautiful life”

~Museum collections officer from Iraq/UK


IMG_20180427_154359_033Nature is: calm + relaxing,  beautiful, important ➡ air quality CO ➡ oxygen. Enjoyable (see above). In danger (from man), water – essential! Rainforests – essential, in danger.

~Electro-mechanical engineer from Reading, Berkshire, UK


IMG_20180426_163739_449“Nature is the source of all life. Without it the world would be doomed. I’m personally not an outdoorsy type of person but do appreciate it and know how important nature is to sustain human life.”

~Model and actress from New York City, USA


IMG_20180425_222618_336“Nature is the giver of life. What connects us all!

~DJ from California, USA


IMG_20180424_173533_709“Green, beauty, God, life, hope, clean, garden, love, growth”

~Retired shop manager from California, USA


IMG_20180423_210818_127“Nature is just to be loved and cared for!”

~Retired from working in micrographic technologies from North Dakota, USA


IMG_20180420_195807_190“Nature is all we need”

~Filmmaker and ecologist from Michigan, USA


IMG_20180419_165357_518“A lot”

~Conservationist from Southern California, USA


IMG_20180418_213359_435“Nature is healing. Nature is peaceful and serene. Nature is an escape to another world. Nature is powerful and majestic. Nature is our one and only love. It is giving and supports all life. Nature is exciting, adventurous, new, full of life. Nature is beauty.   -Caylee” 

~Student from USA


IMG_20180417_044731_826“Nature is the ultimate tranquility”

~Animal ecologist from The Netherlands


IMG_20180416_112947_952“Nature is important”

~Research Coordinator from Michigan, USA


IMG_20180413_111548_278“Serenity, inspiration, need, beauty, respect”

~PhD student studying the collective behavior of birds from Greece


IMG_20180412_093303_048“Cycle, equilibrium, humans in the centre and not on top.”

~Scientist from Ecuador

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